I have a local instance of DevStack up and running. The auth url provided in the rc file is not being accepted by juju add-cloud.

    Enter the API endpoint url for the cloud:
Can't validate endpoint: No Openstack server running at

I am able to use the openstack CLI with this endpoint so I know it is working. Does juju require https for this to work? I have searched but been unable to find anything related to this.

I have also tried creating a yaml file with my cloud configuration and add-cloud will accept this file, but juju bootstrap then fails.

stack@dal-openstack:~# juju bootstrap v4ndevstack/v4n
ERROR authentication failed.

Please ensure the credentials are correct. A common mistake is
to specify the wrong tenant. Use the OpenStack "project" name
for tenant-name in your model configuration.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you!

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