I am trying to open an .Rproj file with RStudio from the terminal, or preferably with ranger. The default file opener in ranger, rifle, produces the following error when opening any .Rproj file:

E303: Unable to open swap file for "/path/to/file.Rproj" 13L, 205C  

I've found limited resources opening an .Rproj file from terminal, but have tried the following:

open -a /path/to/file.Rproj

This returns:

Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console
  • (1) looks like you are trying to open a file in a directory to which you don't have write permission (or is mounted read-only) and (2) looks like you are running the system's openvt command – steeldriver Jun 13 '18 at 20:10

There is a way to open files from terminal using it's assigned default "open with" sofware. In the console and asuming you are in the same place where your file lives, you must try:

xdg-open file.extension

I have opened several different kinds of files with "xdg-open", should be the same with *.Rproj.

Good luck!

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