I have two laptops with Ubuntu 18.04: a MacBook Pro and a Xiaomi Mi Air.

In the Xiaomi I can navigate to parent folder with Backspace key in Open File dialogs.

In Macbook I can't and I have to use CMD+Up combination.

How can I change the keyboard shortcuts for the Open File dialog?

With nautilus and nemo there's not problem. It's only with dialogs.

  • What do you mean with "system"? I'm talking of GTK2 Open File dialogs. Dialogs that appear in almost every application when CTRL+o is pressed. – Manel R. Doménech Jun 13 '18 at 17:24

I found the solution (for GTK 3):

Create a file ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css:

@binding-set MyOwnFilechooserBindings
    bind "BackSpace" { "up-folder" () };

    -gtk-key-bindings: MyOwnFilechooserBindings
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  • Strange the Backspace worked for you on one of your computers. For me, on a Dell XPS 13 3950, Backspace also does not work in a GTK3 file dialog. In a GTK2 dialog, Backspace works, but Alt+down/up work differently - these navigate you through your history. – vanadium Jul 16 '18 at 21:36
  • Any other way other than changing .config file? – vineeshvs Apr 12 at 6:05

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