I can use a simple C program to generate 2GB+ file. But when I try to download a 3GB file through browser, it stops at 2GB.

I tried Chrome, Firefox and Opera. No one can download the file of which size is bigger than 2GB. What am I supposed to do?

(my file system is ext4)


I have had many problems in the past with trying to download larger files through browsers. You can open up a terminal and use wget.... with -c option. If it stops downloading at the 2 GB limit you have been reaching, just up arrow to the last command you just entered, and hit enter again. Your download will resume.

wget -c <download url goes here>

Showing wget resume SS1

Here I am downloading a small DVD as an example. (I know it's not larger than 2 GB's but this will work regardless of file size, as long as you have remaining disk space to download it to).

Showing wget resume SS2

I hit CTRL + C to stop the download.

Showing wget resume SS3

I up arrowed to the previous command, and after hitting enter, the download resumes!

Hope this helps!!

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