We installed DNSMasq for delivering ip addresses and tft bootinng.

As the service dnsmasq is running , the resolving on the local ubuntu system is not working: root@dnsmasq001:~# ping joeri001 ping: unknown host joeri001 The /etc/resolv.conf contains:

If we stop dnsmasq , the resolving is working. Any idea why this is happening?

Also the resolving is not working for the devices which got an ip from the dnsmasq dhcp server. How can I set nameservers and search ?



  1. The local resolving can be fixed by adding DNSMASQ_EXCEPT=lo in /etc/defaults/dnsmasq

  2. To add name servers / search option to the dnsmasq dhcp server dhcp-option=option:domain-search,joeri.com dhcp-option=option:dns-server,

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