On a previous laptop, the performance/powersave mode under 16.04 worked exceedingly well. I had an ASUS RoG 17.3" with two HDD and GTX 860m running at 9-11w while running office applications. This meant about a 5.5-7hr battery life on a gaming laptop! (I of course used TLP). It would outlast my classmates' macbooks and tablets. On performance mode, consumption would run 25-40w.

Currently, I have found some strange things happen under the Xserver since 18.04 and a new laptop. For instance, as indicated by Powertop, when Xserver is set to powersave mode, usage is about 29-31w at idle--very high for my 15.4". When set to performance mode, usage is generally 19-22w, which is somewhat marginal, but lower!

I have a hunch the gpu is not disabled under powersave mode and it is running at unwarranted stress levels, as my fans are kicked up but CPU is still running at low 800-805 MHz as shown by grep, and managed by TLP.

Though my current setup is a GTX1070, the above problems do not make sense to me since powersave causes massive power consumption. I am also reluctant to attempt Bumblebee, as many have indicated it is currently shady with 18.04. Is there a simple but reliable way to force Intel HD and disable the GPU? I use this for work and games, so I don't want to risk breaking the install by driver-switching frequently.


I had the same issue with a GTX 1050 on 18.04. I used to have Ubuntu 17.10, and I had 7h of battery when selecting intel GPU. When I upgraded to 18.04, I had 2.5h of battery no matter if I selected Nvidia or Intel, both in the nvidia control panel or through prime-select.

I eventually found this command on some forum: sudo sh -c 'echo auto > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:01\:00.0/power/control' When entering this command when Intel is selected, my battery life magically goes from 2.5h to 6.5h.

Hope this helps!

Note: I am using the nvidia-390 driver.

  • I should add I am using the nvidia-390 driver – Sylvain Oct 13 '18 at 7:59

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