Is there a way to have my US keyboard behaving the same as Windows and Mac when I use an US international keyboard layout?

My current status is:

  • I can type accents on vowels [OK]

  • I can type ç as ' + c on certain apps, like Firefox, but on others I get ć, like Telegram. I'm aware I can use Alt+, instead. [Partially working]

  • I always need to press space after ', otherwise I can't type I'd or it's or anything like that, which is not the case on Windows or Mac. For my language I'm only interested in accents on vowels other than the ç, and if I type a consonant after ' I'd expect to have it immediately show up as '. [Not OK]


The best solution I've found is to have 2 keyboards installed. In my case: 1. English (US) 2. English (US, intl. with dead keys.

I use #1 for no accents where I just type "I'd" and get just that. I use #2 for accents. The keyboard can be selected globally or for each individual window (setting/ Region&Language) the option button to the right of input sources.

Super+space changes between the 2 keyboards.

I have no idea how to address your bullet item 2.


I used 'international with AltGr dead keys' or something like that in 16.04. I could keep the right Alt key depressed to add an accent to just a single letter, and have , ' and " work normally otherwise.

In 18.04 it seems hidden. In "Region & Language" I selected a US keyboard first, and then I could add the "English (intl. with AltGr dead keys)" - after which I could remove the plain US keyboard.

Note that I also moved from IBus to XIM method (it's under Manage Installed Languages - ???) while I did that - no idea if that helped with this change, but I could change it back to IBus anyway.


I had a similar problem: connecting in ssh with MobaXterm to an Ubuntu 18.04, the AltGr key wasn't working although it was working with other Ubuntu or Centos flavours.

I've fixed that by changing the properties of the terminal from xterm to xterm-r6 .

I do not know what this implies but I'm now happy to not be forced to use ALT+codenumber etc, etc to write a single char. Life is too short! :-)

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