To give a good picture of my problem I am going to illustrate that using the sequence of installations I have done :

  1. I downloaded ipfs from the link available on their official website . This is ipfs-go which I was supposed to download for my Ubuntu OS.

  2. To install the tar.gz file I followed the method under the section Installing from a Prebuilt Package for MacOS and Linux

  3. I later tried to uninstall it by following up the SO threads, but to no avail.

What is the correct way to completely remove an application?



  1. Later I came across IPFS desktop version with an intent to uninstall IPFS through GUI method but it shows some error while installing although the icon can be seen on my applications menu.

  2. Now I have to uninstall the IPFS GUI and the ipfs present on my system and I cannot figure out a way.

Please see the screenshots below to understand the problem with IPFS GUI (It cannot be uninstalled when I go to ubuntu software center): IPFS GUI application does not appear in the software center

Please answer my problem in a two-part form which uninstalls ipfs and ipfs gui completely from my system. I have searched for the solution online but I suppose there is no clear answer. Your help is very much appreciated. :)

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The solution to the problem is Downloading and installing Synaptic Package manager from Ubuntu software center.

For removing IPFS GUI

1.Open Synaptics Package Manager

2.In the Sections tab select All and then type ipfs in the package tab. This will automatically search the ipfs-desktop package you installed using the .deb file.

3.Now right click and select Mark for Removal.

4.Apply the operations and wait. Synaptic Package manager will take care of the rest.

To remove IPFS

Just delete the ipfs files in /home/.config To confirm that ipfs is removed check it by typing ipfs in the Terminal

Remove all the dependencies

In the end remove all the dependencies by

sudo apt-get autoremove

Here are some other ULTIMATE useful links which explains in-depth on how to remove a software not present in Ubuntu Software Application Center but still appearing in Applications Menu

1.In-depth and stepwise illustration to completely remove a package/software installed (I have personally bookmarked this website as this is the ultimate solution to all your problems of uninstalling packages/software )

2.Read the accepted answer on how to remove persistent config data from apt

3.How to find configuration files in your system.

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