Is there any way to install Gtk# on ubuntu 18.04? I'm missing the gnome-desktop-sharp library, which i can't install because it requires gnome-desktop2.

If it's impossible, are there any other good C# GUI frameworks for Linux?


Mono-based GTK# packages are available in the Bionic repository.

You can start with installing of examples:

sudo apt-get install gtk-sharp2-examples gtk-sharp3-examples

Then run them


or view their code

xdg-open /usr/share/gtk-sharp2-examples/ButtonApp.cs
xdg-open /usr/share/gtk-sharp3-examples/ButtonApp.cs

Also you can download source package of gtk-sharp2-examples, edit and compile examples from it:

sudo apt-get build-dep gtk-sharp2-examples
apt-get source gtk-sharp2-examples
cd gtk-sharp2-2.12.40/
make -j3

cd sample # go to examples
xdg-open ButtonApp.cs # do some edits edit
make # compile
./button.exe # see changes

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