I am trying to log all commands ran by all users. I got a solution from Github

 function log2syslog
     declare COMMAND
     COMMAND=$(fc -ln -0)
     logger -p local1.notice -t bash -i -- "${USER}:${COMMAND}"
 trap log2syslog DEBUG

 PROMPT_COMMAND='history -a >(tee -a ~/.bash_history | logger -t "$USER[$$] $SSH_CONNECTION")'

but if we just hit enter multiple times the log claims that we actually executed the command multiple times too. How can I avoid this?

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    Why would you log both in the DEBUG trap and in PROMPT_COMMAND? That would mean you're logging double anyway. – muru Jun 8 '18 at 3:56

There’s no need to use fc if you just need the current command line, as the shell variable BASH_COMMAND holds exactly that. I’d just trap the DEBUG signal and use this variable as before, e.g.:

trap 'echo "$USER":"$BASH_COMMAND" >>/path/to/log' DEBUG

This also has the advantage that it doesn’t write anything to the log if you just press Enterfc just reads the last entry from the history list. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test your logger command on my system, but you sound like it worked fine, so this should work as well:

trap 'logger -p local1.notice -t bash -i -- "$USER":"$BASH_COMMAND"' DEBUG

Example run

Note how aliases like ls, empty lines (Enter) and typo’d commands are logged.

$ trap 'echo "$USER":"$BASH_COMMAND" >>/path/to/log' DEBUG
$ uname
$ pwd
$ hostname
dessert’s plowhorse
$ ls
dir1 file1 file2
$ bahs
No command 'bahs' found, did you mean:
 Command 'bash' from package 'bash' (main)
 Command 'bats' from package 'bats' (universe)
bahs: command not found
$ cat /path/to/log
dessert:ls --color=auto
dessert:cat /path/to/log

I have a very similar issue. Since I don't want to create duplicates for the same issue, I'm going to post mine in here as well.

I used the trap logger syntax from dessert but am encountering a very odd followup message in my /var/log/messages file

I added this line at the end of my /etc/profile:

trap 'logger -p local1.notice -t bash -i -- "${USER}":"$BASH_COMMAND"' DEBUG

When I now tail /var/log/messages in a separate terminal window, it shows me the command I executed in the first terminal and adds a second line which looks like this:

Jun 13 11:42:34 vm-centos bash[1521]: root:nano /etc/profile
Jun 13 11:43:14 vm-centos bash[1524]: root:printf "\033]0;%s@%s:%s\007" "${USER}" "${HOSTNAME%%.*}" "${PWD/#$HOME/~}"

I guess that the second line wants to tell me that there is some kind of error but I cannot see any error. Do you have an idea, how I could get rid of the second line with the printf?

Thank in advance

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