Trying different monitors on my freshly installed Lubuntu 18.1 (not by myself only..) it recognized both, but had a stretched picture on the big TV monitor; went to the menu for resolution, it told me a warning when I tried to apply a different resolution, I did not understand.

I saved new resolution and did a restart, ending with a black screen after decrypt and log in. Some other articles tell me here to use Ctrl+ALT+F1 to get a console, but what commands I need to return to normal display since I am a console newbie?

The only thing so far I could find it has to do with xrandr...It is an AMD 64 processor, but graphics card integrated I could not find a proper description in the system info. Unfortunately, I do not remember on which resolution it was, but I think it was 1280x800.

Can anyone help, please?

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Delete this file:



Now retry other resolutions, only press SAVE if the new resolution tests ok (the 15 seconds warning, etc)

If by accident you lose your desktop just remove lxrandr-autostart.desktop and reboot again.

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