I am going to install following package: gcc-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu

But apt is unable to find it. I downloaded the .deb manually and installed it using dpkg. but there is some missing dependency. When I use apt to fix the problem it said:

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu
        Reading package lists... Done
        Building dependency tree       
        Reading state information... Done
        gcc-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu is already the newest version (4.9.3-13ubuntu2cross1).
        You might want to run 'apt --fix-broken install' to correct these.
        The following packages have unmet dependencies:
         gcc-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu : Depends: cpp-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu (= 4.9.3-13ubuntu2cross1) but it is not installable
                                     Depends: binutils-aarch64-linux-gnu (>= 2.26)
                                     Depends: gcc-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu-base (= 4.9.3-13ubuntu2cross1) but it is not installable
                                     Depends: libgcc-4.9-dev-arm64-cross (= 4.9.3-13ubuntu2cross1) but it is not installable
                                     Depends: libmpfr4 (>= 3.1.3) but it is not installable
                                     Recommends: libc6-dev-arm64-cross (>= 2.13-0ubuntu6) but it is not going to be installed
        E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution).

What does it mean by but it is not installable ? Why I can not install it? I have been added all 4 main repositories from Ubuntu. I am using ubuntu 18.04.

EDIT: I have seen this link. BUT I want to install it anyway. How I can? The problem with manual installation is its many dependency packages. Should I download and install all of them manually? Not less tedious way?!

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    If you install things outside the repositories, you then are responsible for manually finding, downloading, and installing the dependencies.
    – Panther
    Jun 7, 2018 at 15:23

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You can manually find the packages by searching packages.ubuntu.com. For instance you can follow the links to get to a downloadable deb of one of the dependecies from here: https://packages.ubuntu.com/en/xenial/cpp-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu.

There might be an easier way though. Since this appears to be from Xenial, if you turn off all repos in /etc/apt/sources.list and only have the main and universe repos enabled for Xenial (eg. deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ xenial main universe), then perhaps apt-get install gcc-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu will work. Make sure to do apt remove gcc-4.9-aarch64-linux-gnu first. Also, be careful, make sure that only the dependencies you want are getting pulled in. Sometimes this kind of thing can end up trying to install the Xenial glibc, which could break your system.

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