I recently installed the latest Ubuntu on my MacBook Air following a SSD failure. After running smartmontools I identified the problem as attribute 173 is failing.

173 Wear_Leveling_Count     0x0036   100   100   100    Old_age   Always   FAILING_NOW 11703984196361

How do I interpret this? Does this warning have a strong correlation with actual SSD failure?

  • WHEN_FAILED=FAILING_NOW. ID#173 is a SMART error, I would interpret that as an actual failure. You should read this and cross check with Gnome Disks. Good luck :) – xtrchessreal Jun 7 '18 at 4:42

I have the same FAILED notification for my Samsung SM951 (AHCI) 128GB, reported in Linux as SAMSUNG MZHPV128HDGM-00000 (BXW2500Q).

But in my case, I think it's a firmware bug of the drive because the total-bytes-written property is reported as 1.1TB while the drive has a specified Total Bytes Written (TBW) of 75TB! Which probably is on the very save side, because similar (MLC NAND) drives all reached a multitude of that (600TB) in a real endurance test. And apart from the wear_level_count warning no other prefail or old age errors or warnings are reported, while the reallocated-sector-count, which according to that test is a good pre-fail indicator, is still 0.

So my advise would be to examine those values for your drive/system and base your conclusions on that.

I prefer the low-level utility skdump which is supplied with libatasmart, the same library that is used by Gnome Disks.

Use the following command, replacing /dev/sdc with the path to your block device:

sudo skdump /dev/sdc


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