I am new to Ubuntu. So far the experience's been great but I have not been able to get the second monitor working with Ubuntu 18.04 (the same monitor works just fine in Windows 10).

List of things I've tried so far;

  • DisplayLink installed
  • Checked that a DisplayLink device is on the USB bus by typing lsusb -d 17e9:

    This returns;

    Bus 004 Device 002: ID 17e9:ff0c DisplayLink

Despite this, the monitor goes blank shortly after displaying the company logo (AOC). I went to the system setting => display however there is no button for detecting the second monitor as it's shown below.


I have seen screen shots of older versions of Ubuntu with more options including the "detect displays" button and a screen diagram in the display setting menu. Where do you find the same option/feature in Ubuntu 18.04??

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