I'm trying to execute/install ubuntu 18.04 on a "HP pavillon power laptop 15-cb0xx", using a USB stick. I get stuck because the keyboard is not working and the mouse click is not recognised (as well as the touchpad click). I'm still able to move the mouse cursor with both the mouse and the touchpad.

I have tried the same USB stick on another computer (a lenovo desktop) and it is working there without any problem.

I have read in the answers to a similar question that ubuntu 18.04 uses a multi-contact interface (i.e. two fingers) to simulate the left and right buttons, but in my case the click is not working at all.

[As a workaround I tried to install Ubuntu 16.04 and then update but after the first software update the boot process didn't work, or it became so slow that after 20 minutes I didn't get to se the desktop.]

  • Can you just confirm that Ubuntu 16.04 worked fine (i.e keyboard and touchpad and touchpad buttons all working)? Did you use f9 (or escape) on power up to choose to boot from USB? Did it give you the option of booting the USB in Legacy mode or UEFI mode? I am wondering whether the keyboard mouse problem is due to some sort of BIOS/UEFI problem. Does booting the stick in Legacy or UEFI mode make any difference for 18.04? – pHeLiOn Jun 5 '18 at 16:31
  • Ubuntu 16.04 worked fine (until I upgraded it). I tried to disable advanced boot option and activate legacy but it made no difference. Actually I may not have tried all the possible combinations (also because the implications of some of the BIOS settings are not obvious for me) ...if I find a working solution i'll post it – Vittorio B. Lippi Jun 6 '18 at 9:47

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