I wish to put up a Ubuntu server for 10 people, mainly for file sharing via samba (for now).

The server, in an Intel SC5295UP chassis, had the old unsupported distro Dark Star. Linux was installed on a RAID logical disk, made from two drives configured as RAID 1.

I installed the Ubuntu Server 18.04 -Live system from the CD. After choosing the first options, 2 disks appeared to me. I stopped the installations for fear that I would lose what I have.

I delved into the subject and read that I must have a different version of Linux.

  1. Is the alternative version for me or "For IBM System with series mainframes, such as IBM LinuxONE"?
  2. Can there be a Live version and I should create identical partitions on 2 disks?
  3. How much do you recommend the partition and what if I have 250 Gb and 1 Gb disks?
  4. Is there any guide on how to get through the installation process for RAID 1?
  • The folks here want you to ask one question per post. This way, they build up a database of good answers to good questions. Please split this up into multiple posts by clicking on edit above in grey, and starting with #1 is a good idea. – K7AAY Jun 5 '18 at 16:26
  • A) Do you really have a 1GB drive, or a 1TB drive you want to set up as part of a RAID array? - B) Please also provide the motherboard used, as the Intel model number is for an Intel chassis, which could have multiple different motherboards. - C) Please advise if there is a RAID controller card in that system, or whether you need software-only RAID. – K7AAY Jun 5 '18 at 16:27

I have an Intel Server Board S3000AH motherboard. The specification shows that it has only software RAID because I do not have an additional card in it. I have two 250 GB hard drives and 1 Gb of RAM.


The normal Ubuntu 18.04 server version doesn't come with the RAID tools. You will need to use the alternate server version from here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases/bionic/release/

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