All the sudden my gnome-terminal will not open. This all happened after I installed the termite terminal (here) and was trying to change the default term that opens with Ctrl-Alt-T:

sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator

However, I noticed something. The last time I ran this command there were 2 entries for gnome-terminal (like tilix). Now there's only the one:

 0            /usr/local/bin/termite            60        auto mode  
 1            /usr/bin/gnome-terminal.wrapper   40        manual mode  
 2            /usr/bin/tilix                    30        manual mode  
 3            /usr/bin/tilix.wrapper            30        manual mode
 4            /usr/bin/urxvt                    20        manual mode
*5            /usr/local/bin/termite            60        manual mode

And here is the error message I get when trying to run gnome-terminal:

Error constructing proxy for org.gnome.Terminal:/org/gnome/Terminal/Factory0: Error calling
StartServiceByName for org.gnome.Terminal: Timeout was reached

I'm really at a loss. I've tried some of the solutions involving locale-gen but to no avail. I've reinstalled gnome-terminal and rebooted, tried different acounts, etc.


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    In Ubuntu 18.04, gnome-terminal requires vte version 0.52. Termite needs a fork of vte called vte-ng, as of writing this comment the newest version of that is 0.50. Probably your gnome-terminal now tries to load vte-ng 0.50 instead of vte 0.52 and fails because it's not recent enough. – egmont Jun 5 '18 at 8:45

I uninstalled everything to do with termite (with help from locate) and gnome-terminal works again. Hmm.

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    Your answer is okay, but a more in-depth answer what steps to take etc. would possibly earn you upvotes and thus AskUbuntu-Gamification-Points ... and beside that, make it easier for the next user with a similiar problem to follow your step. What do you think? – MadMike Jun 5 '18 at 7:54
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    Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! I recommend to edit this answer to expand it with specific details about how to do this. (See also How do I write a good answer? for general advice about what sorts of answers are considered most valuable on Ask Ubuntu.) – David Foerster Jun 5 '18 at 12:01

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