I am trying to install the program dcm2niix onto Ubuntu on Windows 10. I have found the .exe file but nothing happens when I click on it. I also tried sudo apt install dcm2niix on the terminal and it was unable to locate the package. Ubuntu can find dcm2nii but not this newer version that is dcm2niix.

I also found the program here but I do not know how to open these .deb files: https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/dcm2niix

I am just wondering how I can get this program so I can run it as a command on Ubuntu.


If you find a package on https://packages.ubuntu.com for your release that means you can install it using apt and this exact package name, provided you have its repository (universe in this case) activated in your software sources. If you don’t or don’t know, you can do so with:

sudo add-apt-repository universe

After that install the package with:

sudo apt install dcm2niix

When installed successfully you have the commands dcm2niix as well as dcm2niibatch at your disposal, as well as man pages for both these commands. An example command line converting images from /path/to/dicom_dir, compressing them with pigz (-z option) and saving them in /path/to/nifti_dir (-o option) is:

dcm2niix -o /path/to/nifti_dir -z y /path/to/dicom_dir

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