Since upgrading to Xubuntu 18, the system started playing sounds (beeping).

How do I disable this?

I've tried disabling beeping in X server - nothing changed

xset -b
xset b off

I've looked into amixer, but it says that the system sounds channel is muted.

The kernel module pcspkr is not loaded.

I put set bell-style none in /etc/inputrc and gtk-error-bell = 0 in ~/.gtkrc-2.0 (I don't really know how to figure out what GTK version it should be and whether that's important for config file. I can see this system having some packages with gtk2 and gtk3 in the name).

Finally, I looked into: Settings > Appearance > Enable Sound Events, but the checkbox isn't ticked.

I'm out of ideas... I'm not allowed to open the case: it's a company's computer, and working like this is not really possible.

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