Been thwarted at getting "persistence" on a Xubuntu live pendrive.

I tried a couple of different methods, but neither worked. So, looking for anybody experienced in doing this. Here are the 2 methods that failed:

  1. How to make a persistent live Ubuntu USB with more than 4GB, wouldn't boot up after executing said operations.

  2. rufus-win8ee-lm171c-uefi-mk-a-persistent-live-flashdrive; on this operation, #27 returned "no such file or directory".

I could provide more details, but it would be a lengthy essay. This is the specs: Xubuntu 17.10 & 18.04 (tried both)-Lexar 16GB 3.0 pendrive- Dell 7040/7090 Optiplex. Oh, for some reason Unetbootin, Pendrivelinux nor LiLi will work but Rufus does (to make a bootable stick).(???)

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