I am looking for a way to uninstall atom on Ubuntu 17.10.Is there any script for it ? I want to completely uninstall atom from my machine.

  • It depends on the way you installed it. If you used another way, not mentioned in the current answers, please edit your question accordingly! – Melebius Jun 4 '18 at 7:11

Try completely remove package:

sudo apt purge <package_name>

In your case

sudo apt purge atom

But if Atom was installed from snap? you have to remove it by snap. From command line something like this:

snap remove atom
  • What if you don't remember how you installed it? I guess you can try both but is there an easy way to check first? – Brian C Feb 25 at 3:21

Its easy, If you have installed using snap packages then sudo snap remove atom or else using apt-get: sudo apt-get remove atom

After this remove dependencies -> sudo apt-get autoremove

Done !

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