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I want to go back Ubuntu 16.04, because a lot of packages are not supported yet in 18.04. For example, MSSQLServer.

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    1. First of all you should backup your current system or at least all the files that you cannot afford to lose; 2. There is no rollback (unless you have a backup of the complete 16.04 LTS system). But it is simple: Make a fresh installation of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. You can keep the /home as a separate home partition and at the partitioning window of the installer select Something else and select that partition (as well as a root partition and a swap partition). – sudodus Jun 3 at 7:16
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    Or don't: install virtualbox, 16.04 in vbox and use msssql from there. And wait for microsoft to add support for 18.04 – Rinzwind Jun 3 at 7:25
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    Or see… – Rinzwind Jun 3 at 7:26
  • comment 1 has right idea but one doesn't need to have a separate /home partition to save previous. Not really suitable for comment though pretty simple. To give basic idea, - on a 16.04 live session mount the current 18.04 volume. As root then delete all folders but /home. Then unmount, go to installer > something else, remove current 18.04 partition, install 16.04 (as just /) to that exact space/size 18.04 was in using same user name & do not format. That will install 16.04, will not touch /home & when you log in it'll be to same home directory you had. – doug Jun 3 at 22:11

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