In this situation, I have a default Ubuntu session with the Paper and Materia Theme, and a Communitheme session. The problem is, I want the default Ubuntu session to use the themes I chose for it, and the Communitheme session to use Communitheme.

The theme settings stay on whatever I left it on when I switch (for example, I log out of the default session and switch to Communitheme, but the themes from the default session are still active and I have to manually switch to Communitheme using Gnome Tweaks.)

Is there a way I can have the two different sessions use different settings, or have it switch themes automatically?

  • @Ramuyko That actually works enough for me, would you mind putting that as an answer? – chaNcharge Jun 3 '18 at 22:10

Different users can keep different theme configurations. You can create and remove users on the terminal with sudo adduser mynewusername and sudo deluser mynewusername. This way you'll be able to switch between sessions with completely different configurations.

When you create new users they can't use the sudo command by default. If you wish to give the new user access to sudo for installing and removing software from the system you need to add mynewusername to the sudo group. You can do it with the following command:

sudo addgroup mynewusername sudo

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