I have a dual boot system with Win10 and Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS (Xenial Xerus) on different partitions. I am trying to configure a Virtual Machine in Windows, which can access the already installed Ubuntu.

I am following the instructions at: Using a Physical Hard Drive Pariition as a VirtualBox VM and as a Bootable Partition

I got to step where I have to copy /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/* to ~/Desktop/iso/boot/grub. However, these is no i386-pc directory(I think because I have AMD processor), the directories I see in

grub-mkconfig_lib  x86_64-efi  x86_64-efi-signed

As I don't have i386-pc, which files do I need to copy over to create the GRUB Recovery ISO, which the Virtual Machine will use to boot into Ubuntu?

I tried to use x86_64-efi/* to create ISO file and load it to VM, but the VM says: FATAL: Could not read from from the boot medium! System halted. Is there any way to create grub boot iso file with edited grub.cfg on my machine?(As in the link was mentioned, it is important to delete windows configuration so that I would not be able to start the OS twice, that would break the whole system)

Laptop Acer E5-553, processor: AMD 9600P, virtualization: on,


Accidentally I found out that I needed to turn on EFI in the Virtual Box. So the solution will be:

Use x86_64-efi instead of i386-pc, copy all the internal files to grub folder and continue the guide.

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