The Sony Eyetoy is a cheap way to get a JPEG image into a memory buffer from which I can do everything I need with the freeImage software suite. The problem is that I have tries every suggestion I can find, and none enable me to read one image from the Eyetoy. If I give fread(...) a large buffer, it fills the buffer. So I can't figure the size of one JPEG image - stat doesn't work, fseek(...) doesn't go the the end of the file. I don't know how to decode the JPEG on the fly to determine the size of the image. Some time ago, I could accomplish this with openCV - a really heavy hammer for this little nail, but there's something bad about their code repository; I can't find the stuff that used to work, and the current image won't compile. What I can't find is a nice little code snippet showing how to read one image from an Eyetoy into memory.

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