I just finised recording with Kazam but it didn't ask me to save my video recording and now my whole video is nowhere to be seen. Is this common, was my video too long? All I did was press "finish recording" and now I can't find the video from the folder I use to save every video. Thank You!

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    Kazam makes it far too easy to lose your work. Use vokoscreen instead. They should really pull it from the ubuntu software store it's not nearly good enough. – Tim Abell Feb 19 '19 at 17:52

2 possibilities:

  • If you have set in File> preferences > screencast, automatic File saving to ON, it will be saved in the folder that you've chosen. By default it's in ~/Videos but maybe you've changed it.

  • if not, at the end of the recording, kazam asks you save for later and then let you choose the destination folder.

Remark: There's a bug about the custom destination folder. Each time you relaunch kazam, the destination folder is reset to the default ~/Video even if you've changed it before.

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