fresh install of 18.04 after completely purging 16.04. Aplay plays audio. Sound test in sound settings works. system sounds work but browser sound and vlc/video player gives no sound output. edit : it was working till just before i plugged in hdmi to play on tv

  • Check/change volume with alsamixer on a terminal, move with the LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to select an item, and increase the volume on every item with the UP arrow key. – bistoco Jun 1 '18 at 16:31
  • @bistoco I found a way to get it working on VLC player i.e. by changing the default output source in audio settings to speakers/headphones. But I still cant get it to work on browser. I have tried the pacmd command to set output source – yashC Jun 2 '18 at 6:34

Try to walk through Sound troubleshooting procedure . I'd try step 6 first. Install pavucontrol and look maybe you have some applications muted. Also try changing audio device back and forth.

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Okay so this is how i solved it :

under the


there happened to be multiple config files. I just moved the ones concerning the HDMI to a new folder within the directory, killall pulse and then reboot.

It is working now.

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