Previously I had installed nvidia-384 version 384.130, which I downgraded to 384.111

nvidia-smi corroborates this:


enter image description here

However apt show and aptitude show still keep showing the old version

apt show nvidia-384

enter image description here

aptitude show nvidia-384

enter image description here

aptitude shows the correct currently installed. But still lists 384.130 as the current version.

I am having a lot of issue installing a deep learning environment in ubuntu 17.10 (CUDA 9.0, gcc 6, cuDNN 7). So I am trying to make everything detect the correct nvidia driver version.

Why this incoherence between package versions? Are the drivers likely incorrectly installed?

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Did you purge the old installation?

Use locate, or find, and delete specific files.

That being said, what a subtle downgrade in version! Are you sure it will help, when most folks want the very latest drivers?!

I'm looking for the latest drivers but, I have a GTX 1080 winging its way to me, as I write - I may well have to join you in downgrading, before too long!

Can I ask, what problem have you encountered, and your certainty that downgrading is the solution?

  • At the end it results that the version of the driver was not the cause of my problems, which were deep within my whole ubuntu configuration. After a complete reinstall, and now using ubuntu 16.04, I am currently using driver 384.130 with my GeForce GTX 1080 without any problems.
    – hirschme
    Jul 2, 2018 at 19:01

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