Previously I had installed nvidia-384 version 384.130, which I downgraded to 384.111

nvidia-smi corroborates this:


enter image description here

However apt show and aptitude show still keep showing the old version

apt show nvidia-384

enter image description here

aptitude show nvidia-384

enter image description here

aptitude shows the correct currently installed. But still lists 384.130 as the current version.

I am having a lot of issue installing a deep learning environment in ubuntu 17.10 (CUDA 9.0, gcc 6, cuDNN 7). So I am trying to make everything detect the correct nvidia driver version.

Why this incoherence between package versions? Are the drivers likely incorrectly installed?


Did you purge the old installation?

Use locate, or find, and delete specific files.

That being said, what a subtle downgrade in version! Are you sure it will help, when most folks want the very latest drivers?!

I'm looking for the latest drivers but, I have a GTX 1080 winging its way to me, as I write - I may well have to join you in downgrading, before too long!

Can I ask, what problem have you encountered, and your certainty that downgrading is the solution?

  • At the end it results that the version of the driver was not the cause of my problems, which were deep within my whole ubuntu configuration. After a complete reinstall, and now using ubuntu 16.04, I am currently using driver 384.130 with my GeForce GTX 1080 without any problems. – hirschme Jul 2 '18 at 19:01

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