I have ubuntu 16 and I would like to upgrade to the last one, 18. but I installed sikulix and it requires a specific version (2.4) of a library( opencv) I know, having tested, that on a fresh installation, that on ubuntu 18 the version 3 is installed by default. I don't know if the new version of this library will replace the old one by upgrading, that's something I would like to avoid.

Will v2.4 be replaced? If so, how to avoid it?

thank you.

EDIT before upgrading, I have a big doubt: what about other dependencies? Is there a quicker way than collecting all the dependencies of sikulix and mark them as not to be updated? and what about dependencies of these dependencies? :-(

thank you


You want to

  1. Get details about opencv package in Bionic

  2. prevent updating of a specific package

  3. Keep the Ubuntu package version you're using now

  • thanks, I have not tried but point 2 seems to achieve the stuff. more comments to come if I meet some issue. – lolveley May 31 '18 at 18:25
  • plz have a look at my edit – lolveley Jun 1 '18 at 9:28

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