I created a partition image (120GB Block Device /dev/ubuntu-vg/root Ext4) and put it on an external hard-drive. I connected the disk to my other computer and I opened the image with DiskImageMounter and navigated to the /media/user/.../home/user dir which contains a README and an icon Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop.

Pressing the icon makes a window pop up and dissapears again right away. Then I ran ecryptfs-mount-private in the terminal, which doesn't give any output (success).

I assume this doesn't work because the command is assuming the encrypted files to be in ~/.Private which is not the same as /media/user/.../home/user/.Private

Is there a simple way to access the directory? Something like: $ecrypt-mount-thisdir dir

(I don't want to copy, restore permanently or delete anything).


You want to use

ecryptfs-recover-private - find and mount any encrypted private directories

ecryptfs-recover-private [--rw] [encrypted private dir]

This utility is intended to help eCryptfs recover data from their encrypted home or encrypted private partitions. It is useful to run this from a LiveISO or a recovery image. It must run under sudo(8) or with root permission, in order to search the filesystem and perform the mounts.

Telling it which directory to decrypt is optional too, it will search everywhere if it's omitted (but that could be pretty slow).

It's actually a shell script, so you could see it yourself (or run manually if you desired) with

less `which ecryptfs-recover-private`

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