I want to use loopback alias IP for all outcome IP traffic from my Ubuntu server directed to some subnets.

In /etc/network/interfaces that can be done by post-up statement with something like:

/sbin/ip route add via src

Is there a way to do that with Netplan and Networkd?


For information about configuring source-based policy routing in netplan, see: https://netplan.io/examples#source-routing

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  • This is not source-based policy routing, it's destination base pbr with src-ip replacing. I want It to simulate some cisco-like logic with loopback address as source IP for outgoing packets. – user1227888 Jun 1 '18 at 10:04

The 'from' property of routes does the equivalent of src in ip route. I think your route would be:

     - to:

Be aware that:

  • Because of LP: #1767849, this doesn't work at all until you get netplan 0.40. As of 2018-09-27, this hasn't been released for Bionic yet, only the still in-development Cosmic.
  • even with that fix, it doesn't work reliably for IPv6, because of systemd bug #5882. (You can work around this by running 'netplan apply' late in boot.)
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