Im installing Theano and setting everything up to use the GPU. I have followed all the steps of the page http://deeplearning.net/software/theano/tutorial/using_gpu.html but at the end when I am importing theano in python. There is an error that says that the file cudnn.h is missing.

The way to get this file is by downloading it from nvidia. However, there is no cudnn for cuda 9.2 with OS ubuntu 16.04! The only available option so far for cuda 9.2 is: "cuDNN v7.1.2 Library for Linux (Power8/Power9)". No developer or runtime libraries as well as code samples.

Does anybody know if this file can be used for ubuntu 16.04 notebook?? or should I wait for the proper files? or if there would be a problem if I use the cudnn files for cuda 9.1 being that I have cuda 9.2?


  • Have you tried this answer: askubuntu.com/a/1025949/231142 ? You can change it to cuda-9-2 and when you check it put in cuda-9.2 as the folder. I am installing 9.2 right now to make sure it works. – Terrance May 29 '18 at 3:38

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