I am a new Linux user and I am trying to get Wine to work nicely with Steam. I think I need to use winetricks to make them compatible but I can't figure out what this error wants me to do. What should I rename SteamSetup.exe to or, if that won't fix it, how can I get winetricks running?

Here is the error message.

sha256sum mismatch! 
Rename /home/userName/.cache/winetricks/steam/SteamSetup.exe and try again.

I am running the 64-bit version of Ubuntu LTS 18.04.

  • This might help out: askubuntu.com/q/749549/57576 – andrew.46 May 29 '18 at 3:46
  • But that's a different error.. – LuminousNutria May 29 '18 at 18:34
  • But same idea :). Try: mv -v /home/userName/.cache/winetricks/steam/SteamSetup.exe /home/userName/.cache/winetricks/steam/SteamSetup.exe_bak and try again (as the message suggests). If this does not work try the newer winetricks as suggested in the other thread,,, – andrew.46 May 29 '18 at 18:40

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