My [Linksys WUSB6400M] Wifi USB adapter for my desktop won't connect to wifi because I suspect it needs driver installation. When I type lusb into the terminal, it shows Bus 008 Device 003: ID 13b1:0043 Linksys. I plan to connect an Ethernet cable and try methods I found on the internet such as installing B43 firmware and installing the driver for a Linksys WUSB6300 since the two models sound similar. Does anyone have any suggestions or know how to install the correct driver for my 6400M so I can connect to wifi. Also I'm running Lubuntu 18.04

1st Edit: Well, I've tried both of those methods and they didn't work

2nd Edit: I'm convinced the drivers don't exist and have given up.


I managed to get it running on ubuntu 16.04 by installing rtl8822bu driver from https://github.com/ulli-kroll/rtl8822bu


If you have not found the solution, this works for Linksys WUSB6300 and Dlink DWA-182 rev.C:

Setup Wireless USB On Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 thru 20.04

Make sure USB wireless device not inserted

  1. Update the system:
    $ sudo apt update

  2. Install required packages:
    $ sudo apt install git && build-essential

  3. Download the driver:
    $ sudo git clone https://github.com/gnab/rtl8812au

  4. Go to the directory:
    $ cd rtl8812au

  5. Do the next commands consecutively:
    $ sudo make clean
    $ sudo make
    $ sudo make uninstall
    $ sudo make install

Reboot and insert USB wireless stick

-Persists reboots
-Works with dlink dwa-182 and linksys WUSB6300


I'm using it, it's tested WITH Ubuntu AND Mint, both are working perfectly!!!!!

ACCURATE DEVICE INFO : https://wikidevi.wi-cat.ru/Linksys_WUSB6400M WORKING DEVICE DRIVER : https://github.com/fastoe/RTL8812BU

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