I installed ubuntu 18.04 on an AWS instance, and accessed it via a putty session as ubuntu (using the AWS generated key).

I wanted to allow password based login, and I modified the ssh_login and sshd_login to allow password based authentication.

Then I screwed up, and manually edited the /etc/sudoers files

sudo vi sudoers

and saved the file. I made a syntax error in sudoers. I am now stuck.

Yes, I should have used pkexec visudo, but I did not. Any idea how to fix this? This is a remote system, so I cannot reboot in debug mode, or use a USB to reboot.

  • These instructions might enable you to mount and edit /etc/sudoers in another instance. I'm a bit rushed, so I didn't verify that it can do that. – Chai T. Rex May 24 '18 at 23:06
  • Yes, this will work, but this is the only disk, and I freeze the instance, I will not be able to "re-attach" it, nothing to attach it to – EastsideDeveloper May 24 '18 at 23:08
  • "I should have used pkexec visudo" ... and you still can. – muru May 25 '18 at 1:56

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