I tried using duplicity without encryption using --no-encryption flag, and although the data is stored and not encrypted, I am not able to restore it using duplicity restore --file-to-restore option (I receive error that test_file.txt not found in archive - no files restored.). If I try to list files from my archive I also get gpg: decryption failed: secret key not available.

Obviously, as the error says, I've not setup GPG keys on my Ubuntu. Is there a way to use duplicity without any kind of encryption and without GPG? I know that duplicity encrypts and signs a backup, but how can I disable signing of a backup?


Try following.

Create Backup

duplicity _data_to_be_backed_up_ file://_path_to_backup_ --no-encryption

Restore Backup

duplicity restore file://_path_to_backup_ _restore_path_ --no-encryption

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