i have tried for a full day in vain to install a wildcard Certificate on owncloud (which is a subdomain and running on obuntu 16.04 with apache2)

Any one who can help me here with concrete steps? Thanks in advance.

This is what i did:

I configured 000-default.conf like this;

(was 80 and changed it to 443)

servername http://IP-Address/owncloud SSL Engine on SSLcertificateFile /path SSLcertificateKeyFile /path SSLcertificateChainFile /path

DocumentRoot /var/www/html

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Do not change 000-default.conf, but use default-ssl.conf, which should be there is you enabled ssl. In that sample file default-ssl.conf you will find many SSL parameters. ServerName is the name of your webserver for ssl usage (like: exmple.com). Enable the site default-ssl. etc.

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