I'm experiencing the common Ubuntu Software crash. I've tried a number of solutions; none of have worked. Should I just never use this program? (This is a serious question; does it replicate certain command line functions that work more reliably?)

I'm not sure which log file to example, or where that log file would be; here's the tail of syslog after the crash:

May 22 23:51:22 evan-XPS-13-9350 org.gnome.Software[8435]: (gnome-software:10924): Gs-WARNING **: failed to call gs_plugin_refine_app on icons: Icon 'application-x-firmware' not present in theme (null)
May 22 23:51:22 evan-XPS-13-9350 org.gnome.Software[8435]: (gnome-software:10924): GsPlugin-WARNING **: failed to load stock icon calibre: Icon 'calibre' not present in theme (null)
May 22 23:51:23 evan-XPS-13-9350 kernel: [  681.329109] pool[10947]: segfault at ffffffffffffffb8 ip 00007f60af18eb97 sp 00007f608ed91938 error 5 in libappstream-glib.so.8.0.6[7f60af172000+42000]

I have tried these...

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...without any change in software behavior.

I am using 16.04 LTS on a Dell XPS13, configured to dual boot Ubuntu and Win10.

  • Sorry I can't help with your issue, but synaptic is probably what most people use as an alternative, though I prefer aptitude (which is terminal/curses based). Both need installation (sudo apt install..) before use. Neither provide pretty pictures like Ubuntu Software, nor have ratings.. but are faster (I'd suggest trying synaptic) – guiverc May 23 '18 at 7:44

I have the exact same issue, it looks like somtething is wrong with libappstream. I managed to find a workaround:

gnome-software --prefer-local

edit: works in general but still crashes when loading some categories

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I am having the same problem, I installed Software Center as an alternative:

sudo apt-get install software-center
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