I'm using powerline-go to generate the bash prompt. It works fine in the tilda (also Konsole), like so:

enter image description here

Which is fine. However, the moment I open tmux it becomes messed up: enter image description here

Basically, the segment seperators end up shown as underscores. This is pretty annoying, and I'm not able to understand why tmux refuses to render my fonts the same way as a regular terminal.

I'm using Fantasque Sans Mono, but I see the same behaviour with other fonts.

In fact, it seems tmux doesn't render any utf-8 symbols properly. I tried

echo -e '\xe2\x82\xac' 

this prints the euro sign in the normal terminal, but again an underscore in tmux.


Solved it by adding the following to my .bashrc

export LC_ALL=en_IN.UTF-8
export LANG=en_IN.UTF-8

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