I want to change the owner of a folder. The path to to that folder is /mnt/8A30AA8B30AA7DB7/Books. I want to take the ownership of that folder to change the permissions. The folder currently belongs to root. I tried the following connamds but none seem to work.

  1. chown apoorv_potnis -R Books
  2. sudo chown apoorv_potnis:apoorv_potnis -R Books
  3. sudo chown apoorv_potnis:apoorv_potnis -R /mnt/8A30AA8B30AA7DB7/Books
  4. sudo chown -R apoorv_potnis: /mnt/8A30AA8B30AA7DB7/Books

The terminal displays chown: changing ownership of '/mnt/8A30AA8B30AA7DB7/Books': Read-only file system and other files in the folder but does not actually change the ownership. Whenever I check the properties of that folder or the sub-folders, the owner is shown to be root and I cannot change the permissions or delete any file of that folder. How can I take the ownership of the folder? I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 with dual boot Windows 10.


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It sounds as though the directory is mounted as Read Only, instead of Read Write. Unmount the directory, remount it as R/W Review the man pages on mount for further details.


As commented by user7547272 and oldfred, I disabled Fast Startup and hibernation on Windows 10, ran chown and chmod. Then I followed what was written in this post and my problem was solved.

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