I want to disable some Ubuntu (Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS) system shortcuts

I tried System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts and then select the undesired shortcut to disabled it.

After reboot, the shortcut still works

I tried dconf Editor : org > gnome > desktop > vm > keybindings then select the undesired shortcut and set the value to ['disabled']

Doesn't work either : I can still use the shortcuts

The concerned shortcuts are Ctrl + Alt + S (toggle shading) and Ctrl + Alt + L (lock screen).

Am I missing something here or can I use another way to disable these shortcuts ?

  • Please edit your question and say which version of Ubuntu you are using. – Graham May 18 '18 at 17:20

What finally worked is based on this response : Disable all keyboard shortcuts except for Alt+Tab in program

  • Install Compiz
  • Go to Advanced Search > Search in ... (check "Setting Value")
  • Type <Control><Alt> in the filter field
  • Remove all occurrences of undesired shortcut by editing the fields (make it empty)

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