I have a MSI GX70 gaming computer that I converted into a coding computer. I installed Ubuntu but its GPU (AMD Radeon HD 8970M) is giving me trouble.

Ubuntu 14 + Oibaf seemed to run fine, however, since I accidentally broke my OS yesterday (sudo apt-get remove python wasn't a very good idea) I thought that I might as well upgrade the distribution.

I tried Ubuntu 18 and 16. Both installations went fine. However, when I boot on drive after installation, I can't get past login. Screen becomes black and my laptop reboots.

I'm currently on my fresh Ubuntu 18 that I booted with nomodeset. Native Radeon module didn't work, neither did Oibaf. I haven't tried AMPDGPU-PRO, but it didn't work last time I tried on Xenial (login loop). And there are no proprietary driver for this GPU past Ubuntu 14 (I couldn't get fglrx to work on 14 anyway, that's why I used Oibaf instead)

There might also be a power problem but I haven't investigated this beyond disabling acpi.

Is there a way to fix this problem ? (other than downgrading to Ubuntu 14 or permanently add nomodeset to GRUB)


Try to add to grub radeon.modeset=0 to this line :


that it reads :

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.modeset=0"

works better for me than "nomodeset"

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