My setup involves two separate physical hard drives: SDA is Windows encrypted with VeraCrypt (with its bootloader on the MBR of SDA), and SDB is Xubuntu 18.04 encrypted with LUKS (with its bootloader on the MBR of SDB). When I try to boot into Windows with the GRUB entry, it can't find a bootable partition to boot from. Likewise, when I press escape at the VeraCrypt bootloader screen, it too does not know what to do since it can't find anything. I figure my best option here is configuring GRUB, so how would I go about changing the Windows entry in GRUB to actually look for the VeraCrypt bootloader on SDA rather than the standard Windows one?

Note that my system is set up to use legacy boot for both operating systems. I have seen other tutorials out there solving my issue, but those are for if I'm using UEFI, as they talk about going to an /efi/ partition to solve the problem. Being on legacy boot, I wouldn't have an efi partition to look into.

  • I just wanted to mention as well: I can successfully swap between OSes if I were to press F12 at the BIOS and select each respective hard drive to boot from that way. I just want to set up GRUB in a way where I don't have to change the boot order from the BIOS just to make my choice of what OS to boot. – Jasonmerc May 16 '18 at 5:49

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