After I installed plank as my dock panel, I removed the default Ubuntu dock by running

sudo apt-get remove gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock

Then Ubuntu dock is not on my desktop anymore, but when I open the application menu or Activities overview it is there, how can I hide it?

Removed dock shows on the left:
Removed dock shows on the left


You may use a GNOME shell extension called "Hide Dash X" to achieve your goal.

enter image description here

Other alternative extensions:

  1. Remove Dash
  2. No Dash in Overview

Simply removing gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock would not get rid of the GNOME dash. The dash is a default feature of GNOME shell. It only in appears Activities overview or Applications overview ("Show Applications" screen).
The gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock package is an Ubuntu-only modification (a fork of the Dash to Dock extension), which converts the dash into a customisable dock. The dock appears anywhere, not just in Activities or Applications overview, and also has some other extra features.
So removing the package would only remove the dock-like feature, but the dash will stay as it is since it's an inbuilt feature of GNOME shell.


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