Hello i'm trying to create a working system with RAID1 on Ubuntu.

My exact configuration:

- HPE ML10 Gen9 E3-1225v5 8GB Server - 837829-421
- 2 x 6TB WD PURPLE.
- Ubuntu Server 18.04

And i have problems with grub, I tried many methods of partitioning and i still can't fully install system, recent configuration:

sda - 6TB

sda1 10 MB -biosgrub
sda2 600 MB raid
sda3 30GB raid
sda4 6TB raid

sdb - 6TB

sdb1 10 MB - biosgrub
sdb2 600 MB raid
sdb3 30GB raid
sdb4 6TB raid

Raid 1 md0 was used as EFI partition with sda2/sdb2

Raid 1 md1 was used as swap area with sda3/sdb3

Raid 1 md2 was used as ext4 mounted at / with sda4/sdb4

Still can't install grub, during installation i got error:

Unable to install GRUB in dummy; or

the grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/

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