Running Ubuntu 16.04.4, I'm trying to use an Apple Thunderbolt Display as a 2nd Monitor for a system76 bonobo laptop.

I'm confused by the cable that is built into the Apple Thunderbolt Display; it has a thunderbolt logo on the end that plugs into the laptop, but it is shaped like a mini-display port. Plugging it into either of the bonobo's mini-displayports doesn't lead to detection by Ubuntu sudo xrandr -q.

So, I assume that I need an adapter where I can ultimately plug this cable into the bonobo's (usb-c looking) thunderbolt ports that also showcase the thunderbolt symbol above the port (shown here -- you can't really see the logo, in the photo, but it is there).

But, this is a weird adapter to find, because the cable's end only looks like mini-displayport, while it is really thunderbolt. I'm not sure that a regular mini-diplayport to thunderbolt adapter (one that really converts mini-displayport to thunderbolt) would work (because it already is thunderbolt). I know I'm missing some essential understanding regarding the essence of connectors.

BTW, I have confirmed that Ubuntu 16.04.4 does work great with this monitor when I install Ubuntu 16.04.4 directly onto a mac mini (because the mac mini has the same strange situation; its female port looks like displayport, but it also is really thunderbolt!

Yes, I'm confused. Please advise.


Same boat. We're out of luck, probably for good. Details here: https://github.com/intel/thunderbolt-software-user-space/issues/66#issuecomment-524586649

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