Good day all, I've installed eclipse(4.7) by downloading, extracting and installing the .tar.xx files from the website, not using the package manager. I would like to remove it but have no idea how. Usually I find an uninstall.sh script in the program folder that handles uninstalling but this is not the case. How would I go about removing the software?

Note:It was not as simple as extracting the files. I ran a bash script that started a setup wizard which copied files, downloaded files, possibly modified some system variables.

lubuntu 18.04


I suppose that you had installed eclipse by just extracting files . if this is the case then you can simply delete those extracted files .

if you ran some install.sh script and not finding uninstall.sh then type the following commands

whereis eclipse
which eclipse

By this you will get idea of where are files are installed and thus you can remove those file.if you are seeing orphan desktop entry of your software then read this

Also eclipse stores its configuration files in ~/.eclipse folder which you might want remove cause they can clash with eclipse installation from apt repos


if environment variable are set in ~/.bashrc and ~/.profile and in some cases /etc/environment . you can unset those

  • Hi Smit, thanks for response. I modified the question. Also I checked the contents of the folders the sum comes to around 30 mb which can't be the full installation. Or could it? – Clintus May 15 '18 at 4:17
  • @Clintus ~/.eclipse is not installation folder . it is configuration folder . my ~/.eclipse is of size 189MB Cause i have installed so many plugins .You can remove it safely but it wont uninstall eclipse. to uninstall eclipse follow the step I mentioned when there is no uninstall.sh. : ) Happy to help – noone May 15 '18 at 4:36
  • @Clintus Also I suggest you to not use these installers for Linux. just download eclipse in tar.gz format ,extract it and start using. – noone May 15 '18 at 4:38

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