In LXDE of Lubuntu 18.04 and my previous 16.04, in a session, I run


and choose "switch user", and then log back to the original session using my own username and password.

That fixes some problems in my original session, which is the cursor controlled by my mouse or touchpad doesn't work or has severe delay ,

  • when I try to switch between the windows of different programs, the cursor can move promptly but can't select or click anything in the new window but still in the previous window (it is like the windows are misplaced).

  • when I stay in one window, the cursor can move promptly, and left click anything in the current window, but right lick doesn't work (doesn't prompt a menu).

The problems can still happen again after a while after I fix it using the above switch user and log back method. So the method is a temporary solution. (The problems doesn't happen when the curson is controlled by my keyboard, but it is very inconvenient to control the cursor using my keyboard.)

To dig more about the problem, I was wondering if there are some scripts or configuration files that are executed or read

  • when I click "switch user" and
  • when I log back to the original session?


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