I know there are already plenty instructions on how to start jdowloader on boot but I tried them all and none did work for me. The easiest was like this I createt a bash file:

java -jar /home/user/jd2/JDownloader.jar

made it executable and set permissions. Then I edited /etc/rc.local and added the following line:

su -c "/home/user/jd2/startjdownloader.sh" user

After rebooting nothing happens I can't connect via myjdownloader. When I start it manually via java -jar /home/user/jd2/JDownloader.jar everything works fine. Can someone help with this I don't know what am I missing? I also tried creating a deamon/service but the result is the same, it's not working and i find it more complicated.

Update: I logged like suggested the events for rc.local and it says that /home/user/jd2/startjdownloader.sh can not be found but it is definitly there.

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